On Bended Knee: Respect is Now Served

16 Nov

(Note: On Bended Knee delivers the gritty details of wedding planning straight from those with their ears to the pavement.)

Expect nothing but the unexpected, as that is the essence of planning a wedding. The minute you assume that the thousands of dollars you hand over to Don Kess Catering is a green light to cease worrying about the contents of the duck bisque is the minute you fail as a  professional human being. I am sure your biggest worry is the use of salted vs. unsalted butter, but that extra salt might be coming from a more natural source.

True, you can buy respect from your catering staff, but for those of us not in the 1%,  it is earned through back alley blunts and double shots of bourbon in between prep of the hor d’oeuvres and the main course. As long as the job you are paying for is getting done, why shouldn’t a wedding be a celebration for everyone involved?

On Bended Knee Rule # 1: You can pay a man to cook you dinner or you can pay a man to be a man, while cooking you dinner.


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