On Bended Knee: Spreadsheets vs. Blood

22 Nov

(Note: On Bended Knee delivers the gritty details of wedding planning straight from those with their ears to the pavement.)

“Sign it in blood” is a saying of yesteryear that refers to a serious and unbreakable pact that if broken, is punishable with certain death. The few people alive today that still practice the literal meaning of this saying probably reside in the high violence unit of your local private prison. Other dying relics of a better time include soda fountains, free speech and as this post refers to, the US postal service.

Compiling a guest list is a tough but necessary process for every bride and groom. Modern spreadsheet applications offer a blank canvas for even the largest extended families, but what happens when a technology inept mom attempts to spearhead guest list management? The answer is literally in the details.

I told my resident tech neophyte “build the list in excel and send it to me and we will edit it from there.” A week passes and my daily ritual of idling impatiently near the mailbox for anything of substance is rewarded with a large manila envelope, holding a custom sized printout of the guest list in progress. Proving once again that the worth of the US Postal Service will last only as long as those who continue to use it.

On Bended Knee Rule #2: Details, details, details


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