Personal Soundtrack

30 Nov

The Song

Sister by The Black Keys

“Sister” comes off The Black Keys’ new album El Camino, and with great cuts like this, the Keys are here to fill your holiday season with grimy guitar licks that find the blessed union between sleaze and swagger.  While the Keys’ last album, Brothers, offered some of the more soulful and laid-back songs of the band’s repertoire, it sounds like El Camino is coming in hard with some brawny, fuck-you-blues that the duo does so well.

The song  is an efficient blues-rock number, with a taut rhythm guitar line holding the bottom end of the song tight while Dan Auerbach’s guitar cracks like an electric current over the top.  Patrick Carney stomps away and the duo play as if they’ve gotten sharper than ever before with their dual guitar-drum attack.  Expecting more great songs from El Camino to toe the line between tightly crafted hooks and loose, down-low, dirty blues.

The Activity

You’re walking down the city streets, and if you don’t smoke, you wish you had a cigarette right about now, taking an effortlessly cool drag as the strumming guitar line back-beats your steps.  Where are you going?  Doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a new lady there.  Your old thing is now just that, an old thing, and you’re dangerously close to swaggering as you enter into the world looking for someone to appreciate just how fucking laid-back your style is right now.

The guitar riffs in and that strange combination look of snarl, scowl, and jutted-out chin comes across your face.  If only that tattooed girl on the corner could hear that lick right now – she would understand how it pretty appropriately soundtracks your walking game right now.  Old thing did you wrong, and sooner rather than later a new thing will help set it right.  For now you’ll groove your way in between the two, with style.


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