Blitzed for the Holidays: Christmas Music Review

5 Dec


[Editor’s Note:  The holiday season is rife with opportunities for joyful merriment and for some, that means overindulgence.  With that in mind, we have our resident Steed standing by for the rest of the month to tell us how he enjoys this wonderful time of the year]

Song : Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Listening Mood: Liquor induced warmth

First Take: Replace “Santa Clause” with ” The Circus” and the song  only becomes slightly more creepy. A feel good jingle that surmises the epitome of childhood anticipation unlike any other.  Quite possibly the most famous biography of Saint Nick, this tune touches the voyeur in all of us, while somehow staying PG enough to be the most played Christmas song of all time.

“He sees you when your sleeping, he knows when you’re awake”


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