Personal Soundtrack

11 Jan

The Song

Swim Club by The Cave Singers


Sometimes, the best way to endure the post-holiday blues and dark days of winter  is to sit back and daydream about summer.  In a few short months, there will be long, lazy days where shirts are optional, and even longer nights where pants are frowned upon.  It’s easiest to glide off to these hypothetical golden times when you’ve got the help of music, and The Cave Singers are well suited for such a mental vacation.  The Singers have a lived-in, rootsy sound whose rough edge is softened a bit by the undeniable melodies the band frequently locks into.  Lead singer Peter Quirk has a voice with just the right mixture of gravel and twang, and in “Swim Club,” his vocals lend a bit of heft to the airy, head-in-the-cloudless sky guitar picking.  The song drifts along behind that guitar line, and finds a laid-back groove that fades away almost before you realize it, leaving behind some good vibes and a hint of campfire smoke.

The Activity

It’s Friday afternoon on the first real weekend of summer, and you’ve taken the opportunity to tell your boss that you won’t be coming in for the next three months – you’re missing something, and the office you’ve been chained to for the past five months just isn’t giving it to you.  You’ve been able to work out an understanding: you don’t mind forgetting about the Christmas Party Incident, as long as they don’t forget to keep the vacation pay coming.   So maybe you’ll be back in September, but for now, there’s a lakeside cabin calling your name, and your ride’s waiting.    You give the Man one last thumbs up for posterity and hop in the passenger seat of the nearest car, where a few of your friends and your intriguingly cute new neighbor are waiting, along with about 60 cold ones, an American flag, and a bundle of fresh firewood in the back.    The window goes down, the seat goes back, and the shirt comes off as the Cave Singers carry you down the interstate.


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