Personal Soundtrack

20 Jan

The Song

Finally Moving by Pretty Lights


Etta James has sadly passed away, but her beautifully soulful voice will continue on to be appreciated by future generations.  This particular generation is hearing more Etta than usual lately, with her vocal track from the song “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” being sampled for the hook in songs from Avicii and Flo Rida.  The same vocal track, with it’s yearning ‘Ohhhh sometimes..’ was used masterfully a few years back in the Pretty Lights track “Finally Moving,” and I imagine that Etta would consider this song to be a worthy addition to her legacy.  Pretty Lights has an amazingly diverse array of sounds in their catalog, and “Finally Moving” falls into the ‘laid-back reflective’ section of the PL Library.  It also falls into the ‘Best of’ section, as it mixes modern electronic sounds with Etta’s vocals to create a haunting and hopeful song that sticks with you.  This is electronic soul.

The Activity

It’s a quiet weekend morning, and the rain is coming down outside.  You’ve got a lot on your mind, because let’s face it – you’re a pretty soulful individual.  But on this particular morning, you’ve got a feeling that you’ve never, never, never had before, and you can’t be stuck sitting around inside.  So really, the only thing to do is go outside in the rain and hop on a bike, skateboard, skates – whatever you’ve got that will get you mobile and moving in lyrical reflection through your home city.  If you don’t have anything, just go ahead and borrow some wheels from your neighbors, and trust that they will understand.  At least for this morning, your mind, heart and future are all wide-open, and the oh-so-soulful Pretty Lights mix of Etta, swelling strings, and record scratching is the only thing that can relate to how you feel.


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