On Bended Knee: Wedding.zip

6 Feb

Only serious events require serious websites and it is no surprise that a DOT COM is a mandatory wedding accessory. Custom URL’s, hosting plans, page design, font design (sigh), pictures, links, and even custom scripts are all required, but the resident Steed likes to cut corners and sign up with Tumblr or WordPress, that way he can spend less time programming and more time photoshopping that 6 pack of abs into his summer photos.

Despite being the business card of wedding planning, a website does not need to be all Brooks Brothers. Tropical, floral and nautical are all popular styles that can steer a website away from 1995 Powerpoint and down the highway of pleasing visual aesthetics. Love anecdotes, sepia toned glamour shots and a few Rush tracks playing on loop in the background is just a little hint of what we all expect.

A majority of effort should go into connecting with visitors, sharing your story and digitally celebrating blissful matrimony. With some encouragement, a seasoned computer jockey can bang this website out in a few hours. The use of a pro really is recommended, but, if you just watched Hackers, and are feeling ambitious, there is no better time than now to get your fingers dirty. Grab some 5 hour energies along with your MacBook pro and prepare to get creative.


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