Personal Soundtrack

7 Feb

The Song

Black Tin Box by Miike Snow


The debut album by the Swedish group Miike Snow was filled with undeniably catchy songs that straddled the line between edgy electronic music and polished pop.  The group knows how to craft a hook, and craft them they did, but they also infused everything with a sense of dark urgency.  The resulting feeling was often as if  something bad was always on the verge of happening, but you couldn’t help but dance regardless.  Miike Snow are now gearing up to release their new album Happy To You on March 27th, and have released a couple of tracks over the past two months, one of them being “Black Tin Box.”  The song, featuring a guest vocal from Lykke Li, rides a moody and muted electronic pulse that sounds almost sinister.  Underneath airy and whispered vocals, “Black Tin Box”  packs a slow-burning momentum, culminating in pounding drum hits that wouldn’t sound out of place on a vintage Phil Collins live album.  It’s another brooding, mysterious, and polished song from Miike Snow that won’t get out of your head.

The Activity

You’ve found yourself in some real-life iteration of a David Fincher movie, or at least that’s the idea that keeps bubbling up in your head.  It’s hard to keep everything straight at this point, as you haven’t slept well over the past week or so, and when you go outside it always seems to be snowing, hazy nighttime, or both.  You’re constantly darting around between buildings, never able to to stop moving, and that’s probably because you’re either hastily building a Social Networking site that will change the world, or you’re on the trail of a serial killer that may or may not be on your trail as well.  You can feel a sense of dread and foreboding building up in the murky, snowy edges of the night and something momentous is going to happen soon.  It could be good, it could be bad, and it will probably be unnerving no matter what.  In the meantime, you’ve got to keep it together long enough to meet the mysterious, sexy, and very pale woman who you met last night, and who could be the key to everything.  So you cinch your hoodie tighter and head off into the snowy night.


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