Personal Soundtrack

12 Mar

The Song

Sinful Nature by Bear In Heaven


Bear In Heaven love their synthesizers.  Nowhere is that more apparent than on their newest single “Sinful Nature,” which begins with a flickering synth line that swoops in and buzzes around like a low-flying ‘copter behind the band for the rest of the song.  “Sinful Nature” has an expansive feel, as the group confidently takes their time and lets the sound breathe around them.  The result is a subtle build of momentum that feels organic, as if the sound is building upon itself naturally until the synthesizers finally take over in a storm of noise.

The overall sound is unique and subtly engrossing.  Bear In Heaven don’t come out and grab you with catchy hooks or high-energy anthems but they nevertheless draw you in and demand repeated listening.  The  Brooklyn band is riding a lot of buzz into the April release date of their new album, and “Sinful Nature” shows why with it’s assured and excellent weirdness.  Frontman Jon Philpot’s lyrics in “Sinful” offer airy invitations to “get loaded and make some strange things come true.”  The subdued yet hypnotic dance party going on behind him makes it hard to resist.

The Activity

You’re in a strange city and it’s been a long and stressful week.  You don’t really know anyone around here, but the bright lights and pulsing beats of the night offer an opportunity to let loose and get away from the pressure you’ve been dealing with.  The hotel bar looks like a good place to plot your next move, so you head there for the first drink of the night.  As you take a sip, a group of young and sharply dressed foreigners slide on to the bar stools next to you.  You’re feeling particularly outgoing tonight and you strike up a conversation with the friendlier ones of the group.  In heavy accents that sound vaguely Eastern European, they share that they are venturing out for a night of big-city partying and invite you to join them.  You figure why not and follow them to the limo they have waiting outside.

After slipping into a seat between two stoic gentlemen sporting sunglasses, one of them wordlessly offers you a fresh cocktail.  What Is This you yell over the synths clattering from the sound system.  Johan, one of the friendlier ones from before, leans over and explains that it’s a special offering from their home country, and that it’s better than anything you’ve ever had.  But Take It Easy, he cautions before leaning back to enjoy his own drink.  Shrugging, you polish off the drink, which tastes vaguely like vodka, and turn your attention to the beautiful blonde sitting across from you.  The rest of the limo ride passes uneventfully, but as you step out to the first bar, your feet seem to leave the ground.  One of your new stoic friends notices your change in expression and he hands you his sunglasses with an encouraging thumbs up.

You gladly slip on these Party ‘Bans, and the night takes off into a haze of flashing lights and open dance floors.  At one point, you find yourself standing in the open sunroof of the limo – not yelling or waving your arms, just wearing your shades and taking in the night.  You’re not sure how you got there or where the rest of the night will take you, but you’re content just to go with it.


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