Friday Relief

15 Jun

For some Friday Relief this week, we wanted to pass along a strangely awesome little piece of cinematic history.  There we were, sitting down to enjoy The Long Goodbye, an old 1970s crime noir/comedy film that follows a carefree private investigator through the surreal world of 1970s L.A.  The Robert Altman film offers a great look at the 70s weirdness of L.A., and the movie was a noticeable influence on the Coen Bros. when they made The Big Lebowski.  It’s a great movie.  But that’s not the point of this.

The point is, towards the end of the movie, the movie’s protagonist is brought to the home of a crime boss, who’s surrounded by his henchmen.  We’ve seen this crime boss, and we’ve seen these henchmen before.  Except for one guy that we haven’t seen.  A musclebound deaf/mute bodyguard who looks like….no….is that a mustache…..Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger.

It takes a few seconds to make sure it’s really Arnold.  Because this is a rambling, verite-style movie that is not at all like Arnold’s beefy action flicks, and you don’t expect him to be anywhere near it.  And because the look of young Arnold is so awesomely different from that of eventual movie star Arnold.  He looks like David Wooderson from Dazed And Confused suddenly quit his job working for the city and put on 25 pounds of solid muscle.  He looks like he loves to party.

And in the weirdly enthralling scene that follows, Arnold somehow manages to get his shirt off, and half of his pants.  It only takes him 30 seconds!  And we say half of his pants, because he manages to pull them down just low enough to show off some neon-yellow Spanx that proceed to take over the entire scene.  It’s a truly odd and memorable movie moment.

Go forth and enjoy your weekend like Party Arnold would.


Full Scene:


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