Swanky’s 12 Play

20 Jul

Frank Ocean’s new album Channel ORANGE had its official release date this week, getting a warm reception from critics and fans alike.  The album marked the major-label debut of a soulful artist who looks poised for a memorable career – one that flourishes within the world of R&B while always looking for ways to transcend its conventions and expectations.  Mr. Ocean should be considered as much more than just another slow-jam mixtape favorite, but his ability to craft an excellent, seduction-ready tune should not be overlooked.  He’s shown an understanding of what it takes to make some great slow jams – intense emotion, tenderness, the appreciation for the way personal lyrics can connect the listener to the singer, an ear for hooky vocal runs, the willingness to get weird and freaky at times.  All signs point to Frank being good for at least a few classic slow jams in the future.

As we await these future jams, Channel ORANGE has for the moment gotten us thinking about other memorable seductive tracks from the past.  Since it’s currently Friday, and almost time to let your hair down for the weekend, we figured we would offer up some of our own favorite jams.  Yes, a large number of these tracks hail from the mid- to late-90s.  And there are tons of great slow jams out there.  But no slow jam playlist can ever be objective.  So take it or leave it, but we suggest you take it.  If interested, shoot us an email, and for negotiable fees, we can send over the playlist in your ideal format: tape, burned CD (title in Sharpie), or warm, warm vinyl.  Just let us know.  And we hope that this weekend, you may find yourself inside on a stormy night, with someone you feel very special about.  With these jams bumping

There’s Kelly’s 12 Play, and this is Swanky’s 12 Play.

Joe – “I Wanna Know”

Usher – “Nice ‘N’ Slow”

Tyrese – “Signs of Love Making”

Wyclef – “Mona Lisa”

All 4 One – “I Can Love You Like That”

OutKast [Andre 3000] – “Take Off Your Cool”

Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”

LL Cool J – “Doin’ It”

Ginuwine – “In Those Jeans”

R. Kelly – “Bump n’ Grind”

LL Cool J – “Hey Lover”

Keith  Sweat – “Twisted”


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