Hot Routes: Week Seven

12 Oct


Editor’s Note:  This is the Swanky roundup of our top picks and songs of the week, running every week of the 2012 Year of Football.  For a primer, check out the Introduction.

Week Seven

South Carolina (6-0) at LSU (5-1)

The pick:  South Carolina (+3)

The track:  Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix) by Jesse Ware

South Carolina and LSU are coming off pretty different emotions after their games last week.  South Carolina rode a wave of crowd-fueled adrenaline on their way to dominating Georgia, while LSU continued to spit in the face of the idea that football should be fun to watch in their grinding loss to Florida.  One big question here is whether S.C. can play at the same high level as last week when their crazy home crowd is replaced by the hostile fanbase at Death Valley.  I think that S.C. has more talent overall than LSU, especially on offense, and that will carry them through.


Tennessee (3-2) at Mississippi State (5-0)

The pick:  Miss. State (-3)

The track:  I Owe You This (feat. Twin Shadow) by Chad Valley

Two artists who know their way around synthesizers and drum machines collaborate for a silky smooth New Wave/R&B hybrid jam.  Chad Valley and Twin Shadow have a love for all things 80s, and their sounds complement each other quite well.  If these guys aren’t on some kind of tour bill within the year, there’s something wrong with the music world.


West Virginia (5-0) at Texas Tech (4-1)

The pick:  West Virginia (-4)

The track:  Hail Bop by Django Django

While I do think that West Virginia will not make it through the season undefeated – their defense is just nowhere near good enough – I don’t think that this is the week for the first loss.  The Dana Holgorsen Mullets have enough firepower to win by at least 4 points here.


Kansas City (1-4) at Tampa Bay (1-3)

The pick:  Tampa Bay (-4.5)

The track:  Reagan’s Skeleton by Yeasayer

This cut from Yeasayer’s recent album is straight from the LCD Soundsystem school of new disco.  Following the template of those great LCD jams, “Reagan’s Skeleton” builds up as it goes along, adding energy with every new layer of sound that comes in.  Eventually it burns everything down in a glorious burst of chaotic dancefloor moves.


New York Giants (3-2) at San Francisco (4-1)

The pick:  Giants (+6.5)

The track:  It’s Not Over by Panama

This is going to be a hotly anticipated game, with the 9ers bringing in the motivation from last year’s heartbreaking playoff loss, and the Giants bringing the defiant swagger of a reigning champ that knows it has something to prove.  I’m not totally sold that the Giants can outright win, but they know how to bring the intensity in big games, and I like their chances of keeping it close.


Buffalo (2-3) at Arizona (4-1)

The pick: Cardinals (-4.5)

The track:  Arch & Point by Miguel

R&B singers always seem better when they’ve got a weird edge to them – when the creative spirit inside their heads is just too strong to be contained, and as a result comes out in awesomely strange sonic flourishes, or in brilliantly twisted lyrics about the thrills of various vices (usually drugs and sex).  R. Kelly is an old-school proponent of awesome R&B weirdness, and more recently, The Weeknd built up some incredible buzz with his own brand of drug-fueled silkiness.  And here we have Miguel, who is firmly staking out his own position in the R&B world with his excellent new album Kaleidoscope Dream.  Invite a few special friends over, light some candles, and buckle in.



Last Week’s Record:  4-2

Overall Record:  17-17


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