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Friday Relief

24 Aug

It’s hot out there, wherever you are.  And being the suave social animal that you are, you’ve probably decided to combat the heat this weekend by throwing a pool party.  A high-style pool party, in which you’ll have some DJ of ambiguous European descent spinning Lounge-House cuts all day.  With guests laying about in the shaded poolside cabanas you’ve set up, sipping on mojitos and Ciroc-tails.  With everyone, yourself included, dressed all in white and looking so effortlessly cool and sexy it makes your head hurt.

Best of luck with your party; we’ll look for evidence of sweet it was in the NYT and HuffPo style pages on Monday.  In the meantime, here’s a choice cut to add to your poolside soundtrack.


Friday Relief

3 Aug

The start of August means that summer is locked in the dog days.  When the drowsy humid days just blend together into one shimmery stretch of sunlight.  The glory days.  As we put on our rose-tinted glasses and waxed nostalgic today, our minds turned at first to baseball, and to long summer days and nights spent fucking around on the dusty fields.  And then from summer baseball, it was a short jump to one generation’s quintessential summer baseball movie – The Sandlot.  And when it comes to The Sandlot, there’s really only one way we could go on a Friday Relief tip.

The one day when it just became too much for Michael ‘Squints’ Palledorous.


Enjoy the pool this weekend.

Friday Relief

13 Jul

Today is Friday the 13th, a date that means different things to different people.  For most, it’s just another Friday – one that perhaps starts with a few productive hours at work before dissolving into a haze of Dirty Shirleys and apple bongs.  For the easily-spooked among us, Friday the 13th is a cause for anything from mild worry to all-out concern – forcing some to call in sick to work, strap a protective helmet on, and stay huddled on the couch with the cats until 12:01 am on Saturday morning.  To each his own.

One thing that Friday the 13th means to DS is that it offers a chance to once again call up images of Kevin Bacon & Co. parading around in counselor-issued jorts and tank tops.  Watching Kev and the other camp counselors smoking grass, drinking pop-top Schlitz, and being chased all over the woods by a crazed Mrs. Voorhees is not a bad way to kick off your own Friday the 13th.

To get you started:


Stay safe out there.

Friday Relief

22 Jun


Today is the last day of school for a lot of kids across the country.  The last day of school always had a special energy to it, as the sun was usually shining, everyone at school had mentally checked out several days earlier, and the long, hazy days of Do What I Want summer are literally hours away.  We can remember several Last Days of School that included 3pm beer bongs in the park.  It’s that kind of day.

Even if you’re no longer in school and have moved on to the working world, there’s no reason you can’t still celebrate the last day of school and the start of summer.  Yeah, you’ve got that pesky day job to worry about for the summer months, but you can still go into full-fledged Summer Mode after today, as if you were back in 7th grade again.  It’s all a state of mind.  Put sunscreen on every day, have some BLLs at lunch, take impromptu midweek road trips, stay out late in the hot nights.  Why not?  Start today by taking that briefcase and throwing it up in the air on your way out of the office.  Just like you’re emptying out the locker.

No movie has ever been able to capture the essence of this unofficial holiday  like Dazed and Confused does, so we offer it up here to help everyone celebrate.  While you’re at it, might as well just watch the whole movie.  It’s only one of the greatest ever made.  And, also, we reserve the right to name our upcoming holiday party “The OFFICIAL 4th of July Brouhaha.”

Friday Relief

15 Jun

For some Friday Relief this week, we wanted to pass along a strangely awesome little piece of cinematic history.  There we were, sitting down to enjoy The Long Goodbye, an old 1970s crime noir/comedy film that follows a carefree private investigator through the surreal world of 1970s L.A.  The Robert Altman film offers a great look at the 70s weirdness of L.A., and the movie was a noticeable influence on the Coen Bros. when they made The Big Lebowski.  It’s a great movie.  But that’s not the point of this.

The point is, towards the end of the movie, the movie’s protagonist is brought to the home of a crime boss, who’s surrounded by his henchmen.  We’ve seen this crime boss, and we’ve seen these henchmen before.  Except for one guy that we haven’t seen.  A musclebound deaf/mute bodyguard who looks like….no….is that a mustache…..Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger.

It takes a few seconds to make sure it’s really Arnold.  Because this is a rambling, verite-style movie that is not at all like Arnold’s beefy action flicks, and you don’t expect him to be anywhere near it.  And because the look of young Arnold is so awesomely different from that of eventual movie star Arnold.  He looks like David Wooderson from Dazed And Confused suddenly quit his job working for the city and put on 25 pounds of solid muscle.  He looks like he loves to party.

And in the weirdly enthralling scene that follows, Arnold somehow manages to get his shirt off, and half of his pants.  It only takes him 30 seconds!  And we say half of his pants, because he manages to pull them down just low enough to show off some neon-yellow Spanx that proceed to take over the entire scene.  It’s a truly odd and memorable movie moment.

Go forth and enjoy your weekend like Party Arnold would.


Full Scene:

Friday Relief

20 Apr

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: 2012 belongs to Channing Tatum.  He’s already headlined two Number One movies in The Vow and 21 Jump Street, and added the solid Haywire for good measure.  But the coup de grâce is coming in the form of Magic Mike, partly based on Channing’s real-life past as a male stripper.  Just a quick run-down:

1)  Channing is a male stripper named Magic Mike

2)  His mentor is Matthew “David Wooderson” McConaughey

3)  This is all directed by Steven Soderbergh

So, yeah.  Let this trailer take you to the weekend.

Friday Relief

6 Apr

It’s Good Friday, which means it’s also G.O.O.D. Friday.  Throw Kanye’s newest crew cut on at your family Easter/Passover party and ride it out.

What says the holidays like “Something about Mary, she’s gone off that molly/ Now that whole party is melting like Dali”

Mercy, Kanye.


Friday Relief

24 Feb

Happy Friday! By now your boss is gone, so take off that blazer and throw on the party jacket. Have a great weekend!

[For those with limited time, the action begins at 30 seconds.]

Friday Relief

17 Feb

Here is an amped up Ginger version of Star Wars Kid playing some basketball. Happy Friday!

Friday Relief

27 Jan