There are no general categories that Dan Swanky’s will fit into, and that’s entirely the point.  Music is a vital influence on our creativity and we can talk about our favorite songs forever.  But we also love literature, movies, television, sports – pretty much everything that goes into the popular culture that informs our strange modern times.

We also love to laugh, and Dan Swanky’s exists as a place where we can think and laugh about what interests us, through writing that will sometimes be non-fiction essays, sometimes be purely fictional short stories, and sometimes a mix of both.  Sometimes the easiest way to convey reality is to write a story, so that’s what we’ll do.

Segments include:

Blitzed For The Holidays:  Living vicariously through the Lost Weekend that is the holiday season for our resident Steed. [On hiatus]

Doing It Live:  Taking to the streets and diving into the world of live events – music, comedy, gallery openings, etc.

Letters From Lyle:  25-year-old Lyle Gans moves out of his parents’ house for the first time and writes us with updates.

On Bended Knee:  Our writer, young and in love, chronicles the hand-to-hand combat that is wedding planning.

Personal Soundtrack:  Finding great music and then going from there.

Summer Livin‘:  Our resident Steed helps you squeeze the most Freedom possible out of Summer by offering tips and advice about seasonal habits and events, such as BBQs, Roman Candles, and Camping Trips.

Working For The Weekend:  Ongoing account of the intense and absurd aspects of a fast-paced business life, from a young Steed eager to rise up the corporate ladder   

Pretty much anything else we want in Sports, Movies, Music, Print, Life, etc.

What is a Steed?

A Steed is someone who approaches life like one big party, in which no other guest is having as good of a time as Steed is, and each one of them owes Steed money.  A Steed loves everything about popular American culture, and in the pure American spirit, seeks to fully indulge his every whim and desire.  Often, that involves getting loaded and getting into trouble with the authorities, but at the end of the day, the Law or the Man will never keep Steed down.  He’s here to stay, and he has no idea why you find him funny.

Contact Information:


Twitter:  @DanSwankys


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